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Finally updated!! Jeez, and my lazyness will show for it! I was meaning to finish this up on Saturday, but then..yeah, was too busy with other things,
like: I GOT TWO NEW KITTENS!! XD who are so spunky and now I have visa stuff to worry about with the fiance *sighs* in the end, all my fault T__T,but I have to really focus on this stuff so he can come to the states in July
Possibly won’t update again till I get that stuff taken care of(by Mid April hopefully), and next comic will feature my job so no Hi-san, oh well!! But I will update again in later April with a comic about us again.
To the new subscribers, thank you for following me and hope you all stick around.

p.s.: I really had no idea on how to draw a shiny chest…I used Krillin’s head from DBZ as a source as well as Toriko. Sadly Toriko’s body is only shiny in the anime…btw I hate that anime… japanese phrases: ne ne= hey or just a way to get someone’s attention gomen= sorry kusai yo= freakin stinks!

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When Pink and Grey Collide by KYEELOVESYOU.